Why attend

Over the last decade it has become increasingly clear that many of the chemotherapy drugs used in standard care for cancer have hitherto unexpected immune-modulatory properties. The full impact of such drugs on the immune response is still poorly understood, especially since most chemotherapy regimens are delivered at maximal safe doses. A compelling new paradigm is emerging in which common cytotoxic drugs are able to

  1. Alter immunogenicity of tumours or induce immunogenic cell death
  2. Stimulate key effector cells of the immune system and
  3. Modulate immune-suppression
  4. Combine synergistically with immunotherapy in a preclinical and clinical setting.

This is a fascinating time in this field of research because the underlying biology of interactions between drugs and the immune system are being translated into the clinic.

The International Symposium on Immunotherapy presents a unique and important opportunity to discuss the preclinical work which underpins this new paradigm, bringing together researchers, oncologists, clinicians and pharmaceutical researchers to share their findings and debate the latest research and its ramifications.

Delegates at this event will have the opportunity to

  • Discuss and debate the cutting edge research currently taking place in the field of chemo-immunotherapy
  • Review data from existing trials
  • Gain an understanding of the importance of underlying immune responses and how mycobacterial vaccines may have the capacity to drive the kind of immune response that allows the body to attack tumours
  • Network with peers from the medical and scientific communities to exchange ideas and promote collaboration
  • Share findings of alternative applications of drugs used in chemotherapy and learn how drugs may be used to alter the immune suppression and boost anti-tumour immune responses
  • Discuss the ramifications of the preclinical work for the wider medical community
  • Review and share findings from current research, through a poster-presentation opportunity
  • Gain CPD points for their attendance