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The idea that the immune system can be harnessed to kill tumours goes back over one hundred years. It is very clear that the immune response is involved in rejecting some tumours, but it is also apparent that tumours avoid the immune system by repressing it, especially in the late stages of the disease. So the aim of much current research in cancer immunotherapy is to boost anti-tumour immune responses while combating the immune-suppression that comes from the tumour.

The International Symposium on Immunotherapy will bring together leading cancer immunologists, researchers and clinicians who have interests in cancer immunotherapy and in synergistic interactions of chemotherapy and the immune response, and how knowledge in this area can be applied translationally
The Symposium will be of significant interest to clinicians, oncologists, scientists, medical practitioners, researchers, PhD students and pharmaceutical researchers who are working in the field of immunotherapy and chemotherapy.

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