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Professor Samir Khleif

Director of the State of Georgia Cancer Center

Georgia Regents University Cancer Center and the Cancer Service Line


Samir N. Khleif, MD is an internationally recognized cancer physician, scientist, administrator and educator whose diverse interests and experiences have allowed him to develop an unparalleled skillset. His medical background and research experience – which include high-profile posts at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the King Hussein Cancer Centre, the King Hussein Institute for Biotechnology and Cancer and the Georgia Cancer Center at Augusta University – has focused primarily on translational research and trials, with a focus on immune therapy and cancer vaccine programs. His work at NCI, for example, led to the first clinical trials in antigen-directed cancer vaccines.
As an administrator, he has a proven track record for not only leading and managing complex cancer-focused organizations, but establishing them as well. He served as Director General and CEO of the King Hussein Cancer Centre in Jordan, transforming the facility into a ‘US-style’ comprehensive cancer center. He also led the effort to establish and build the King Hussein Institute for Biotechnology and Cancer.
Dr. Khleif’s success in program development, on a both national and international level, is well documented, as is his ability to establish and develop strong partnerships. His work with government agencies, the pharmaceutical community and aligned institutions regularly leads to groundbreaking research and care.