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Professor Robert Hawkins

Hon Professor Medical Oncology

University of Manchester


Robert Hawkins is CEO at Immetacyte Ltd. Until recently, he was Cancer Research UK Professor at the University of Manchester/Christie Hospital, undertaking clinical and pre-clinical research and immuno-oncology, particularly cell therapy. He has been the coordinator of several major European Union consortia in this field and has published widely in scientific and clinical journals. From 2019 he became full time in a spinout company, Immetacyte Ltd to focus on the development of adoptive cell therapy focussed on the use of tumour infiltrating lymphocytes and next generation, gene engineered products in a range of solid tumours. Immetacyte is a key member of two major UK Advanced Cell Therapy Treatment Centres (iMATCH and MW-ATTC) and has received grants of over >£6 M from Innovate UK. Through a subsidiary (Cellular Therapeutics Ltd) Immetacyte also undertakes contract manufacturing of a range of cell therapy products.