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Dr Gaia Zuccolotto

University of Padova


I’m Gaia Zuccolotto, I’m 34, and I’m currently working at the Department of Oncological and Surgical Sciences of the University of Padua. I have a specialization in Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Pathology and a PhD in Oncology and Surgical Oncology.

During the PhD years I was entrusted with several projects like the development of a new adoptive immunotherapy technique in prostate cancer and the development and characterization of antibodies against the over-expressed PSMA protein in prostate cancer. In the last year I’m focusing on a novel immunotherapeutic approach based on NK92 cells ingegnerized with a CAR direct against an antigen overexpressed on prostate tumors. The final goal of this new approach would open new important perspectives for the field and is obtain a “universal” platform for autologous adoptive cell therapy, that could potentially provide an Off-the-Shelf, renewable product without  causing graft-versus-host disease to broadly treat different patients with  prostate cancer.