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Dr Alexei Kirkin

Chief Scientific Officer

CytoVac A/S.


Dr. Alexei Kirkin graduated from Bio-Medical Faculty of the Russian State Medical University in 1972. He joined, in Prof. Abelev’ department, the research group of Prof. Brondz known for his pioneering works in the field of specificity of recognition of antigens by cytotoxic T lymphocytes. After obtaining his PhD degree in Immunology in 1981, Dr. Kirkin was working as a senior researcher at the Department of Immunology, Gamaleya Institute for Epidemiology and Microbiology, Moscow. In 1984 Dr. Kirkin was invited to organize the Sector of Immunology at the Biological Faculty of the Lomonosov Moscow State University. In 1992 Dr. Kirkin joined the lab of Prof. Jesper Zeuthen at Danish Cancer Society, Copenhagen, Denmark, where he was working as a senior research scientist. Here he established a large collection of melanoma cell lines and CTL clones and investigated the interaction of cytotoxic T lymphocytes with melanoma cells. Dr. Kirkin proposed to use one selected melanoma cell line with high levels of the expression of tumor antigens as a basis for vaccine formulation consisting of dendritic cells loaded the lysate of this cell line. Currently this vaccine is under investigation in clinical trial on colorectal cancer. From 2008 Dr. Kirkin is co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer in a new company, CytoVac, developing a new approach to adoptive immunotherapy of cancer, based on employment of T helper cells as antigen presenting cells with epigenetically induced expression of a broad spectrum of cancer testis antigens. Currently, results of phase 1 clinical trial on glioblastoma are published and the company is conducting phase 2 clinical study on glioblastoma patients. Dr. Kirkin is the author of more than 50 original articles and reviews, and filed five patents in the field of tumor immunology and methods of cultivation of lymphocytes.