Abstract Submission – We are no longer accepting abstracts for this event.  If you have any questions about this please email abi@icvi.org.uk

We are delighted to announce the call for Abstracts for the forthcoming Institute for Cancer Vaccines and Immunotherapy’s 4th International Symposium on Immunotherapy which will be held at The Royal Society in London on the 24th – 25th of May 2019.  This two day symposium will focus on potential and proven synergies between different immunotherapies as well as other modalities including drugs which can modulate immune responses such as the IMiDs, cytokines, and low dose repurposed drugs such as cyclophosphamide, naltrexone and the different cannabinoids.

The last meeting in 2017 has been summarised in Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy


The meeting agreed that all immunotherapies could benefit from combinations. Unfortunately, most have involved increased toxicity. Nevertheless, there were some interesting surprises with 5 speakers showing enhanced responses to vaccines with the addition of low dose cyclophosphamide even though the doses and regimens were different.

Many other different approaches were reviewed such as drugs which can immune modulate the immune response, especially at low doses including Cytokines such as IL-2, Gemcitabine and other Cytotoxics,  Lenalidomide and Naltrexone.

Since the last meeting the impact of Immunotherapy has been dramatic and extensive involving many new tumour types. In addition to many specific agents such as IDO inhibitors there has been a tremendous interest in Cannabinoid derived drugs with several anecdotes of efficacy and preclinical studies showing enhanced activity in combination in mouse models. The recent availability of pure form products of active agents such as CBD will allow proper research into these agents which were very problematical when only available as plant derived products.

Key themes of the symposium will be:

• Car-T cells immunotherapy, from T cells to ultimate adoptive immunotherapy
• How to enhance check point inhibitor activity
• The role of Cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG etc in the enhancement of anticancer activity
• Vaccines and other Immunotherapies

The symposium will host presentations from leading international researchers and organisations currently working in immunotherapy and cancer vaccines.  We welcome submissions of abstracts and presentations from across the clinical and research community.

Criteria for Abstract Submission:

Abstracts must fit the theme of the Symposium. Preferably the abstracts will fit into the themes outlined for each session, although research in strongly related areas will be considered if it fits the overall theme of the conference.

Abstracts should be 400 words maximum text only (no figures) and should describe the aims/objectives, should outline key results and should draw broad conclusions.  To submit an Abstract please click here.

Important information and deadlines

  • Deadline for Submission:  6 February 2019
  • Abstracts will be confirmed no later than 27 February 2019
  • Posters will be displayed in two sessions to fit the themes of the talks.
  • Selected Abstracts will be invited to display a poster and a limited number will be selected for a 10 minute presentation with 5 minutes of discussion.
  • Abstract submission is not the same as registration.
  • Selected Abstracts must have at least one delegate registered to attend the Symposium.  You are responsible for all travel, accommodation and delegate fees.
  • To register your delegate please click here.