The Institute for Cancer Vaccines and Immunotherapy

4th International Symposium on Immunotherapy
will be held at The Royal Society in London on the 24th – 25th May 2019.

Registration is now open for this event.

The last meeting in 2017 has been summarised in Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy.


Since the ICVI’s last meeting in 2017 the impact of immunotherapy has been dramatic and extensive involving many new tumour types. This meeting will discuss issues including the many specific agents such as IDO inhibitors, Cannabinoid derived drugs, immune immodulators and CAR-T cell immunotherapy.

Experts at our previous meeting agreed that all immunotherapies could benefit from combinations. Five speakers showed enhanced responses to vaccines with the addition of low dose cyclophosphamide even though the doses and regimens were different. We will build on this during the 2019 symposium.

We are pleased to announce that The Royal College of Pathologists have awarded this event 10 CPD points.

Key themes of the 2019 symposium will be:

• Car-T cells immunotherapy, from T cells to ultimate adoptive immunotherapy
• How to enhance check point inhibitor activity
• The role of Cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG etc in the enhancement of anticancer activity
• Vaccines and other Immunotherapies

We are delighted to announce that the following speakers will be talking at our event:

Further speakers will be announced in the near future.

ICVI Symposium Rates 2019

1 day – early bird 2 days – early bird 1 day – standard rate 2 days – standard rate
Pharma £370 £420 £420 £470
Academics £270 £320 £330 £370
Students £180 £230 £215 £275

Early Bird rates end: 6th March 2019
Abstract Deadline: 8th Feb
Abstracts will be confirmed by: 22nd Feb

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